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Raising Consciousness through Coaching

What is the change you want to see?

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Meet your coach

Meet your coach!

Véronique Pigeon, CPCC, PCC

What would living a life

of no regret look like? 

I’m on that journey myself;

a constant spiritual learner and seeker for truth, peace and love.

I look forward to working with you!

Veronique Pigeon Coaching
Group Team Coaching

Coaching Services

With an approach based on trust, respect, courage and responsibility, we will work together to reach your goals and beyond!

Leader Reflection Coaching

Regardless of the topic, she always grounded me in my values and pushed me to make them the central point of not only my leadership style, but to my life in general. While we haven’t met formally in a few months, I feel as if we are still connected. Maybe that’s because I reference the notes from our sessions on a weekly basis, or because we still stay in touch over email. Either way, it’s because she had a positive impact on me and I’ll always be grateful for our time together!

Kevin S., coaching client

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