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About me

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

-Mahatma Ghandi

Veronique Pigeon Coaching

I am an Executive & Leadership Coach, Leader & Workshop Facilitator as well as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Supervisor, Leader and Faculty with The Co-Active Training Institute. I am also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the ICF and Mentor.

(514) 386-0674

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

My Story

My life story has been a roller coaster, a journey of ups and downs such like many of us, no doubt! And it took a moment in time, my own “Big Bang”, to realize this was no longer the path for me to be on. From then on I decided to choose differently; I decided to invest in my higher Self; open my heart, dare to take risks which sometimes has been heart-wrenching... for the sake of love and having my heart at peace. I could no longer compromise, and I had to choose my destiny, which is about being the change I so desperately wish to see in the world!

My Mission

From that stance, my mission is to help leaders become open-heart influencers!

I am passionate about coaching because I believe in you, in your potential, and fundamentally I believe you want to create a positive impact in your life! As a leader you are ready to expand your self-awareness, to take your masks off in order to access your vulnerability, your authenticity and inner power, that’s a great sign that our stars will align!


We all hold self-empowering and self-limiting beliefs, biases, assumptions and stories that create an illusion in our life. As your coach, I will be there to reflect those back at you, support you to untangle those in your pursuit of being more consciously at choice!

Ultimately I do believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. And as your coach I will focus on all that you are, with your flaws and strengths, with your successes and failures, along with taking a deep look at your personal and professional dreams! I will challenge you and hold you accountable, as I hold you as the creator of your own life!

Coaching is relationship based

As your coach you can count on me to be your trusted partner, the one who will create a safe space where you can bring your whole self, where together we’ll be on a path towards expanding your self-awareness while creating the legacy and impact you so wish for! Leading from your heart, your values and your purpose is what will start your coaching journey!

I value... respect, connection, compassion, and growth.

I coach… individuals, couples, teams and groups who are eager to solidify their relationships and lead their life through a compelling purpose while positively influencing, serving and impacting the world!

If you are… ready and willing to be an influential servant leader and to co-create positive impact in the world, then we may be a great match! 

As Marianne Williamson wrote “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Veronique Pigeon Coaching
Coaching Wheel Of Life

My Co-Active® Approach

Together we can discover the leader inside of you. You will develop your influence by uncovering your inner champion.

I develop collaborative relationships based on trust, compassion and accountability leading to sustainable results. My endearing and challenging ways support and develop my clients’ engagement and objectives. I work with leaders like you, individually or in group, who are eager and want to create a positive impact in order to serve the world!

Remember, you are the main character of your play, therefore a leader in your life! And I hold a deep belief that you possess all the capacity, wisdom and holistic intelligence from an inner knowing that leads to conscious decisions and positive and impactful actions.

If you are...

  • Dealing with uncertainty;

  • Wanting to grow your influence as a leader;

  • Afraid of dealing with the potential of conflict;

  • At a crossroads in your personal or professional life;

  • Uncertain about your career, where you are heading next;

  • Doubtful in how to deal with your team;

  • Managing people remotely and want to be efficient and not “miss the ball”.

Certifications, Specialties & Training

PCC professional-certified-coach-pcc small.png
ICF Member

International Coach Federation (ICF)

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) & Member

Certified Imago Professional Facilitator

Certified Imago 

Professional Facilitator

Imago International Training Institute

Positive Intelligence

Mental Fitness (PQ)

the X-Factor in Performance & Happiness

CTI_Co-Active Faculty_Badge-1.png

Co-Active Training Institute (CTI)


CTI Faculty, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Leadership Program Graduate


Orqanization and Relationship Systems Coaching Training (ORSC)


Coach training provided by CRR Global

(Coaching for teams, groups, partners,

couples, parent-children relationships)

Great Story


Live your Great Story

Self and coach training

offered by Lucid Living

Bigger Game

The Bigger Game is a philosophy and methodology that inspires executives, leaders, and individuals to get out of their comfort zones and create intentional positive change.

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