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What we put in our heads matters as much as what we feed ourselves. Here are a few of the people who have and are still influencing my life and coaching journey and the lessons I keep close to my heart.

My Influences

Brené Brown

Teaches us to "embrace the suck" and to learn to "walk through vulnerability to get courage".

Deepak Chopra

Believes that a person may attain "perfect health", a condition "that is free from disease, that never feels pain".

Simon Sinek


The ultimate optimist. He puts together patterns for how successful leaders and organizations think, act & communicate.

Joe Dispenza


International lecturer, researcher, corporate consultant, author and educator. He believes in your potential and ability to do anything.

Eckhart Tolle

Spiritual Teacher. He focuses on the significance and power of Presence, the awakened state of consciousness, which transcends ego and discursive thinking.

Pema Chödrön

Buddhist Nun, teacher, and author who lives in Canada and is working to establish Tibetan Buddhist monasticism in the West.

Mindfulness, Meditation & More!



A library of guided meditations from Tara Brach


Kristen Neff's Self-Compassion Guided Meditations & Exercises

Imago Therapy


How to re-establish the connection to create healthier and happier relationships for couples, partners, colleagues and in business.

Start with Why


Simon Sinek's TED Talk, "How Great Leaders Inspire Action"

Because Oprah

Empower. Activate. OWN. All of her wisdom and positivity.

Power of Vulnerability


Brené Brown shares her personal quest of self discovery and understanding humanity

Coaching Resources

Imago Therapy

Training on the Imago therapeutic approach which, through powerful conversations, helps strengthen ties in order to create stronger and happier relationships

Positive Intelligence

Positive Intelligence Training, awareness on our own inner Sage and saboteurs

CRR Global

Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching Training (ORSC™)

Lucid Living

A voyage is awaiting...perhaps...A magnificent Story!

Arc of Coaching

Arc of Coaching: what does that mean and how can coaches create a most successful coaching session through this powerful structure! Listen in to the TAP formula! It will make your coaching session so much easier!

Bike Analogy

What is coaching? Distinctions between some specialties (analogy of the bicycle)

If you have any questions regarding these resources, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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