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Conscious Relationship Coaching

For Couples

Because you matter... and so do you as a couple! 

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For Couples

You sense you are drifting apart. You feel sadness as you realize you've lost yourself along the way. You feel this lump in your throat, as you ask yourself "Should I stay or should I go?" And now you realize you’ve been asking yourself this same question again and again.

You’re both home or at a restaurant having dinner and you realize you have nothing to say to each other. You maybe feeling like you are a ghost of your true self. Sounds familiar? 

It's normal that after the “honeymoon phase”, couples are often struggling; conflicts arise, arguments come up over the most insignificant things. You find yourself saying "He’s not listening to me” and “He doesn’t get me”, or “She’s never available” and “She always angry when I get home”.

I work with couples who have grown apart and want to find their “way back” to each other!


The love is still alive between you two, though it may feel as though it’s hidden away. You may not be feeling the love as much because you feel disconnected. The divide between you two feels too big and too deep and you realize that you have to do things differently in order to have different results. You both are yearning to re-kindle with the tingling sensation you felt when you first fell in love, the dreams you both were aspiring to, or the future together you spoke of and dreamed of.


As a Conscious Relationship Coach, under my guidance, I offer a trusting and compassionate place for you to have safe conversations, to be able to speak and listen to one another free of judgment, and to find a way for you both to learn how to be with each other in a new way.


I care deeply about couples. Each of you is an essential part of the foundation of your family. Your kids, extended family, siblings, and friends count on you! And, most of all, you both deserve to have the loving relationship that you long for.


Interested? Let’s talk! Simply email me at:

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My intention is to create a safe place for conversations to happen between you!

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A conscious relationship is a journey...

What story do you want it to be?

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you are human

And so is your partner!

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