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I am passionate coach and my areas of expertise consist in

transformational conscious relationships and leadership. 

I support my clients who are going through challenges such as uncertainty, questioning themselves, different types of transitions, and offer them creative thinking through powerful and meaningful conversations.

Individual Coaching


Executive & Leadership Coaching

Coaching with me is an opportunity for you to discover and challenge yourself, expand your range and become a compelling and influential leader! I work with executives and emerging leaders who are ready and eager to enhance their self-awareness. We hold up the mirror with fierce courage to:

  • Reconnect with your creative mind, body and soul

  • Express & manifest the leader within you aching to emerge

  • Gain clarity on your own purpose & values

  • Unleash the unspoken

  • Identify your saboteur voices that limit you

  • Reclaim your own authentic ways and inner power for the sake of full self-expression and leadership!


Supervision & Mentorship for Coaches

Grow your own awareness and discover your blind spots while getting empowered and increasing your self-confidence! Together we will:

  • Establish and design engaging conversations supported by a compelling vision

  • Focus on your development as a professional coach to solidify your competencies and the immediate application of the co-active model and tools

  • Establish powerful discussions and take part in engaging conversations

  • Hold compelling discussion to let go of limiting beliefs and inner critic voices

  • Gain confidence and vision to solidify your coaching business

Conscious Relationship Coaching


Partners or Couples Relationship Coaching

Through the years relationships evolve and I support couples and partners who are looking to rekindle and strengthen their bond, reunite or transition to a new phase in their life.

Together we will be working on:

  • Identifying patterns and blockages that are hindering your relationship

  • Developing mutual healthy and supportive conversations 

  • Rekindling with each other through intimacy and vulnerability

More on Relationship Coaching here


Group/Teams Relationship Coaching

I work with organizations who want to create and develop a culture that is supportive, diverse and inclusive, and that will encourage all employees to be leaders at their best!

Together we will work on:

  • Building resilience to enhance productivity

  • Being empowered leaders of change

  • Developing a culture of transformation

  • Leaning in to the inevitable with confidence and vision

  • Leading by example to elevate all employees “game”!

Leadership Development
Workshop Facilitation


Groups & Teams Experiential Workshops & Training

Individuals are strong workers,

yet teams move mountains!


Together we’ll embrace:

  • Developing empowered and creative teams

  • Managing change and conflict resolution

  • Facilitating rich conversations that lead to effective collaboration and transformation

  • Empowering team members and tap into their most innovative self!

"Her coaching helped me embrace leadership with courage and listen to others with empathy.  Not only did I learn how to be a better manager and leader, I also learned how to be a better colleague, subordinate and peer.  Véronique helped me to self-reflect on, define and embrace what authentic leadership meant to me and then guided me to act in accordance and with conviction.

- Eileen K., Coaching Client

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