Holiday Greetings

This Year is a
Special Holiday Season!

To be seen, to be heard and
acknowledged is such a precious gift!

Because you and your relationships matter! 


You are invited!

You are invited to a table where we all fundamentally desire to be greeted without any judgement, blame and shame? My hope is that we all get to be heard, considered and loved unconditionally in our relationships!


The pandemic has certainly brought to the surface what we can and cannot be with! It has highlighted the values we hold in common and not so, has created polarization and for some has re-ignited what is most significant in our life!


I am an advocate for Gandhi’s saying…

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Therefore... My invitation to you is...

I am inviting you to build more meaningful and loving relationships with your loved ones! May you be in a couple, or a parent-child relationship, or a friendship that you hold on dearly… I am here to support you in diving into conversations that are based on safety and openness, which become meaningful and transformative!


And it starts with the willingness of both parties!


It would be a real delight to hear from you and so here is my invitation to open a wide range of possibilities and deep transformation!


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Tips for Safe Conversations!

Here are a few tips for you:


  • Listen In! When we talk about discussions and conversations, we often forget about listening! What are you listening to? Or listening for? Where is your attention? Are you thinking about what next you will respond? Are you so in your own reactive experience you just can’t wait to tell your bother-in-law how wrong he is in how he’s investing in the money market? Or blaming your spouse for being mindless in not taking care of the family shopping properly? What if you were totally mindful and present to the person that is in front of you, or on the phone, or virtually. What would it be to set aside any assumptions and just absorb what the other person is conveying to you? Truly…!


  • Openness: Another way to be present to a person is to be open-minded. We all hold filters and are judging what others are saying. Our inner thoughts often run by our saboteurs and limiting beliefs are polarizing us into arguments, conflicts that are so often unnecessary nor needed! Being a sponge, coming from a blank page, and holding an empathetic space can certainly enhance the connection between a mother or father and their teenager…!


  • Kindness: Intention, intention, intention! Are we going into the next meeting or into the kitchen with a combative energy? Are we holding the best and positive intention to get curious and hold a lense of kind and peaceful inquisitiveness? Where are we coming from? Slowing down and tuning into our own emotions (by the way resentment and violence never solved anything!) and intentions will take us a much longer way and to more serene and fruitful conversations!


Wishing you delightful conversations during the holidays and…


May you be safe,

May you be healthy,

May you be at peace,


May your heart be opened during this holiday season!



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